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Free Convenience Services

Ahh it’s great to be a member of Sunset!
Check out these FREE services we provide

Have your paycheck in your account before the sun rises: Life is hectic enough without always having to deposit your recurring check .  Why not use the security and convenience of Direct Deposit? 

With Direct Deposit, your check is automatically deposited into your account – no matter where you are.  Besides the fact that is more secure than a paper check (no worries of it being lost or stolen), you’ll have your money available to you immediately. 

Make life even easier by adding free payroll deduction.  You can automatically have a set amount of your check put into a savings account, or pay a loan or recurring bill.  Why stress over a late payment or not putting money into your savings when payroll deduction does it for you?

Eliminate the hassle and stress when buying your next vehicle

Save time & skip the haggling when auto buying. For the most pleasant, cost-effective, no-hassle vehicle purchase, contact our new auto buying service, Auto Solution.

Auto Solution, will locate the vehicle you want new or used, get you a great price as well as negotiate a deal for your trade-in.  And, they’ll deliver your new vehicle right to you and take your trade-in away! 

Auto Solution is a car buying service that does all the work for you.  All you do is select the vehicle you want and Auto Solutions brings it to you.  Top it off with an easy to apply auto loan from us and you’ll find purchasing your next vehicle incredibly easy (and maybe even fun!)

Not sure what that used car you’re about to buy is REALLY like?  
Find out with a Free CarFax report

Let’s face it.  If you’re looking to buy a used car, the person or company you are buying it from may not always be honest when it comes to the history of the vehicle.  That’s where CarFax comes in. 

CarFax will let you know if the vehicle is a lemon, if the odometer has been rolled back, if it’s been in a major accident and much more.  This service normally can cost as much as $29.99 for one report – but it’s FREE when you’re a Sunset Member!

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