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i$ave Teen Account

The account for your lifestyle

We get it. Your generation needs to be given more responsibility.  You need things faster . You need to be heard. You need people to understand the things that shape your world - and that money sure helps make things easier.  That’s why we created i$ave.

With iSave, you’ve got control over your finances and we’ll give you the guidance you want whenever you need it.

i$ave  e-Checking -100% Free, 100% Awesome.

i$ave e-Checking is a great first FREE checking account.  There are no checks to buy - (this isn’t your grandma’s account you-know!)  You access your money with a Sunset debit card which can be used at thousands of ATMs nationwide and anywhere VISA is accepted.

It's faster and safer than using cash. With free online banking and email/text alerts, it's easy to responsibly manage your checking account.  And this account is loaded with perks.  Just look:

  • No minimum balance required
  • Free Online Banking lets you check your account 24/7
  • Free E-Statements (you’ll access your monthly statements online instead of receiving a statement in the mail - required for this account)
  • Free email/text alerts so you’ll know when you’re running low on funds
  • Free Debit Card
  • Unlimited Free ATM transactions at any of the thousands of CO-OP ATMs
  • Accounts may be opened with a $5 initial deposit
  • Receive a music card with free song downloads at account opening

Here’s how it works:

You’re probably earning money from allowance, a job or whatever.  Instead of sticking it in a jar or under your mattress, you put it into your i$ave account.  Hey, if you receive a regular check or allowance, you can even have it automatically deposited into your account.

Now that there’s money in the account, you can use your card just about anywhere - restaurants, shopping malls, online - anywhere Visa is accepted.  Don’t worry, it’s not a credit card.  It just acts like one.  With this card  - unlike a credit card - the money is taken directly from your i$ave Account.

When your balance is low, we’ll send you an email or text alert so you’ll know to add more to your account.  You’ll soon get in the habit of real-life budgeting and become a financial management wizard.

Here’s what makes this card so unique:

Enjoy the freedom - Go anywhere, do anything and pay for it with your Sunset debit card.  Use it to make purchases online - how cool is that?

You pick the design - Bring in your favorite photo and we’ll put it right on your i$ave debit card

Cash is just an ATM (or 7-Eleven store) away - We’re dialed into thousands of SURCHARGE-FREE ATMs so if you want cash, you can easily get it – even at the ATMs in 7-Eleven stores.

Track your money - Whenever you want to know how much cash you have available or where you spent your dough, just go online and access your account or use our FREE Money Desktop service.  You’ll get a complete and up-to-the-minute list of transactions on your account. 

Did we mention we also have an iPhone app and Android app and Go Mobile which lets you access your account from your smart phone - go ahead and say it: Awesome!

Safer than cash - Only you can use your i$ave card and everything you do online at Sunset Credit Union is password protected.  If the card is lost or stolen, you’re protected.

i$ave Savings Account

When you’re ready to earn more on your money, we’ve got you covered.

  • Just $5 to open this account and is required in order to become a member
  • Pays interest on all balances
  • No maintenance fees

My Whatever Goal Savings Account

Use a Goal Savings account to save for that car, iPod, sports camp, video game system, or whatever else you have in mind.   You name the goal, you name the account.

A goal is something that you aim for and can be reached by a certain date. There are typically three time frames for goals:

Short-term goals can be achieved within three months such as saving $65 for the concert in two months.

Intermediate goals can be achieved between three months and one year such as saving money for your ski trip.

Long-term goals usually take more than a year to achieve, like saving $2,000 per year from part-time jobs over the next four years for a down payment on a new car.

You set the goal, we'll help you get there!

Youth Share Certificates

  • Opening deposit of only $100
  • Add to it in increments of $25
  • It’s a great way to learn about long-term financial goals
  • Earn a higher interest rate than on your savings account
  • Terms from 12-months to 3-year

College Planning

College Planner
Prepare for your academic adventures, with our College Planner.  Links include how to find the right college, create a financial plan for the cost of your education and resources for financial aid, student loans and scholarships.

Attend college
There are many schools from which to choose, so choose the one that offers classes and programs that can help you achieve your goals.

Where? Will you commute and live at home with your parents? If not, will you live on campus in a dormitory or near campus in an apartment? Each decision brings its own financial considerations.

How long? You can choose to attend for either two or four years. Some professions require additional schooling after you earn a 4-year degree. Research the careers that you’re considering so you’ll know how much schooling you’ll need.

How much will it cost? College is a great idea, but who’s paying? It’s expensive – see what college expenses could run you by using this college-expense calculator:

Check out these helpful resources if you’re planning to go to college:

Research Colleges and Universities

College Entrance Examinations


Each year, Sunset Credit Union offers two $2,000 scholarships to qualified members.  To apply for yours go here.

Here are a few other spots you might want to check out:

Student Loans

Keep on top of everything college-expense-related by visiting this website:

Paying for College just got a little easier

College is expensive.  To help make it a little easier, here are a couple of things to check out:

Student Loan Program –

We’ve partnered with cuStudent Loans to provide low-cost student loans designed to meet your college-education needs.

  • Loan payments are deferred until 6 months after you graduate.
  • You have up to 10 years to repay the loan.
  • Borrow as little as $2,500 or as much as $30,000 per year.
  • Takes less than 15 minutes to apply.
  • Competitive Interest Rates - and with good grades, get even lower rates!
  • 1% Interest Rate Reduction - once you’ve repaid just 10% of the loan.
  • 30 Day No-Fee Return Policy - Find a cheaper way, you can cancel the loan within 30 days of approval.
  • Use for ALL Education Expenses - Tuition, room & board, books, computer, even past due tuition bills.

Get started on your student loan and learn more by visiting the cuStudent Loan website here.

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